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  1. hey, very nice table, i am thinking about doing this, do you still have your plans for this so that i can see more precisly what you did, can you scan them in or something? and the other thing is the one thing that i didnt understand to clearly is with the center peice on how it is raised, is it foam ontop of the plywood covered with the cloth?


  2. I too am looking to build a table similar to your dimensions. I was wondering since I am looking to build a table 6 feet long should I shorten it a little more so that I don’t end up buying an extra yard of vinyl? If given the chance to do it again what would you do? Bare in mind I am having a hard enough time convincing the wife to let me put it in the living room. So if I can save a little dough and make it a bit smaller, I say why not? So I suppose my real question is how does your six foot 6 inch table play I rarely play with more than 6 players? If you get a chance post or e-mail your thoughts.

    Mike Green

  3. After adding the padded rail my table plays just shy of seven foot now. I have it set up with eight cup holders and it’s comfortable to play when the table is full. I’d say six people at a six foot table would be reasonable as well, but I’m not sure what pattern you would use for cup holders. Maybe two on each long side and one on each end? Good luck.

  4. Hey mate
    love your table, building one myself now
    quick question, im a bit confused about what type of wood each part is made out of.
    is the base 2 layer of ply thick?
    is the vinyl raped around the regular or birch ply?
    you started with 4 sheets all up, but only have 3 components, where did the other sheet go?
    sorry if the answer is simple i just get really confused when it comes to instructions on the web

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