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Cutting the inside of the rail boards

Marked cuts on top of rail

Now that we have the outside of the rails cut, now we need to cut out the inside. Note, one will be wider than the other as it will rest on top of your racetrack.

I went with 3.5 inches for the width of the top one, and 2.5 inches for the bottom. Use the homemade compass to make your arcs again. Use your compass again to draw the arcs. Use a drill to make a pilot hole for your jigsaw.

Remember, all of these edges will be unseen so don’t beat yourself up if you mess up.

(the cup holders were just mock ups… we will actually be discarding that piece)

Mark the cutouts on the base

Before you put the two pieces of the rail together, you need to use the lower smaller rail piece as a template – the lower half of the rail will fit snug against the base of the table.

Tips: If your saw blade is long enough and strong enough, you’ll want to clamp them together and cut both at the same time.

Even though this photo shows a compass, don’t use one for this piece. Use the inside of the smaller of the two rails as a template. Trace around it. You want to copy the imperfections onto this peice of hardwood so your rail will fit snug